With the help of volunteers and your donations we carry out our different programs.


For A Smile On Christmas

We collect toys, food, and clothes every December before Christmas, and we distribute them to different communities around the world. At the same time, we play, dance, and share snacks with the kids and families who receive our donations.


Friend Abroad - Pen Pal

Our kids will have the opportunity to make friends in foreign countries while exchanging letters and stories with each other.


The Art of Love

Our kids will be able to discover their abilities and love for art. They will be exposed to dancing, painting, theater, literature, and plastic arts. We will conduct field trips to museums, theater, dance and all types of local art expositions.


Embrace Yourself

A self-esteem program offered to kids and teenagers who are victims of low self-esteem, bullying, insecurities, discrimination and self-recrimination. We believe in the power of being different and unique, and we value everyone for who they are. We want to teach our students to accept their identities, backgrounds, and uniqueness, helping them to explore who they are while they improve their qualities and abilities.


sponsor a Child

You can sponsor our children while receiving brand recognition in our charity events and programs. You will be able to share time and get to know the children you are sponsoring. We will send photos and reports of their activities and development.

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